Natural Energy Beauty Clean 自然 活力 美麗 清涼

“Beauty and purity through the power of nature”

Based on our motto of “Beauty and purity through the power of nature”, we constantly seek to come up with ideas for the development of useful, gratifying products through focusing on more natural, more energizing materials that can help improve beauty and cleanliness.
We pride ourselves in particular on being the first company in Japan to offer Eucommia Ulmoides tea, and we have pioneered improvements in quality and flavor for over 30 years now.
We have also leveraged our experience in exporting health foods and other products to inform the world about the excellence of products manufactured in Japan and earn recognition for such products in many different areas.
We will continue to put priority on quality products and services, and are committed to serving our customers by carefully explaining details that might be difficult to understand, and otherwise doing all we can to satisfy their demands.